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"Character spotlight where for a month, you're the best in town
If you're lucky, you might get to wear damsel's crown."
Clare the Faery

Character Spotlight Award is given to one member each month for outstanding achievement in The DDK.

This award should be looked at as an honor that your fellow members have recognized your achievements in The DDK. Under NO circumstance should this be just a popularity contest.

Join the DDK Awards Group to vote. Each month post your Nominees for the Character Spotlight. They will then be added to the voting poll in this group.

Voting for April 2004 Character Spotlight is going on now! Join the DDK Awards

Previous Winners

Vote for the Character Spotlight


Official Rules

The DDK will NOT give out this award if the member who wins it, is not active in the DDK during the last month and/or has not done at least one of the following listed under the criteria and/or if *foul play is expected when casting votes.

No Member may win two months in a row
No Member may win more than twice in a year
Any Member of The DDK and it's sisters clubs may enter to win

You should base your votes on one or more of the following criteria:
1. Member has gone above and beyond the rest in his/her Role Playing ability.
2. Member frequently posts in the DDK clubs
3. Member has a captivating story line.
4. Member goes out of his/her way for the rest of the club
5. Member is in good standing with the council and has not broken any DDK Rules.
6. Member has a Character/Tronicia/DDK web site.
7. Member has done something original.

The DDK has the right to select the winner, if the club members do not follow these guidelines and/or reset the voting booth to zero if *foul play is expected.

Foul Play is defined as a member who has not been very active, and is receiving an above normal amount a votes compared to the rest of the members that month and/or receiving an above normal amount of votes in less than a 48 hour period.



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